GEMS Community Web/Text Program

GEMS of Our Community cracked the code for local marketing, We help you acquire new customers and keep your customers loyal. Our strategy is to reward consumers for shopping at all GEMS businesses with cash back on their GEMS reward card and an equal amount the consumer can donate to their favorite school activity or social cause of choice. The reward program is self-funded because the business switches discounts to reward/cause dollars. We promote the GEMS businesses to consumers by first posting their business on the GEMS Internet Mall. Then we send out 48 weekly emails during the year in the community area promoting the GEMS businesses. Plus, we get the local schools and causes to promote to their staff, students and GEM-Community_Card-2families to spend money at these GEMS businesses.

How much could your business benefit if thousands of school staff, students and families were now motivated to spend money with you? How much  goodwill would that create in the community?

For the last several years we have been testing the double rewards incentive of cash and cause rewards with 541 businesses. The results have been outstanding with 15% to 25% increase in average purchase and 20% to 50% increase in visit frequency and plenty of new customers. These results are significantly better than discounting or 50% discount type offers or an individual business rewards program. The key ingredient is the double rewards of cash and cause money the consumer can earn. The coalition of businesses allows the consumer to accumulate from all the businesses every week and all year. So they can earn hundreds to thousands of dollars every year versus a few bucks or points from ONE business.

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