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The Donaldson Program is a great example of an online points program where winners can select merchandise, travel and entertainment rewards.

Have your past incentive programs been a disappointment to both you and your salespeople?

The dangling of the proverbial carrot is an ancient art that is commonly understood to be at the heart of human behavior, psychology, motivation, and, in particular, business. Manufacturers and distributors commonly use this technique with their channel partners in an effort to add unique motivational value to move specific products or services.

The reason this technique has stood the test of time is because,  it works! At times, however, elements of the technique are executed improperly. Sales incentive programs under perform or fail as a result.

bThe monetary values of incentives are often not the critical factor in motivating salespeople to succeed. Take my own example. I was fortunate to work in an industry that provided an unending supply of incentives and awards for overachievement. I knew that, if I won every trip, every TV, every incentive offered, the money would come with it!

Critical thinking, the money and the goodies are not the primary motivation. The philosophy is simple; “If you win all the incentives there are to win, you must be at or near the top every time.” Corporations use incentive programs to drive behavior; what gets rewarded, gets done.

Not all salespeople are motivated the same way. Consequently, not all incentive programs work. Contact us today to formulate an incentive program to promote significant drive towards your sales goals!

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